3Power Logistics Management is a 100% family owned and family operated business. The founding principles of Service, Integrity, Faith, and Fairness are instilled in each and every aspect of our business. We at 3Power all believe, by living the Golden Rule (“Do unto others, as you wish others do unto you”) and providing IMG_2456outstanding customer service is the only way to be successful in any business. The 3Power Family and Team take great pride in providing the highest level of service to all customers, employees, lease owner-operators, and independent contractors through providing a solution for ANY needs a customer, 3Power team member or business partner may have.

3Power believes that we employ the best technology in asset tracking, have the best team members/ owner-operators, and have top-notch reliable equipment. These are the resources that determine the true success of any logistics company.

We want all our customers, 3Power team members and business partners to love working with 3Power on a daily basis. Everyone at 3Power is empowered to go above and beyond to make the customers’, team members’, and business partners’ day better and easier, put a smile on their face, reduce their stress, and give 100% effort towards delivering our mission.



3Power’s mission is to diligently and passionately pursue a vision driven by faith that will create an environment to fulfill financial and career goals by putting all people and relationships first, Thereby providing  Golden Rule customer service and opportunities for people to  grow and make a lasting impact  in the Logistics / Transportation Industry and their lives.




The 3Power team will be recognized for Operational and Executional Excellence by providing 100% effort towards customer and people service.


The 3Power leadership and team members will operate in an environment that is full disclosure and be accountable to execute all aspects of business on the “up and up” fashion with zero tolerance for anything other.


The 3Power leadership will implement vision based on core founding principles of faith into all aspects of business. Matthew 5:16


The 3power leadership and team will draw from the Golden Rule to seek, strive for, and implement solutions that enable everyone to be treated with respect, kindness, and gratitude.